Is there anything good about stress and anxiety?  I believe there is!  The 7 questions to ask when you’re feeling stressed or anxious will help you find that good.

Just like any way that you struggle, the suffering you feel points the way.  First it’s like a warning sign.  As though a flag rises from the center of your soul saying, ‘Look out!  Something’s not right.’

In fact, that’s true for any uncomfortable emotion.  If you feel angry or jealous, sad or frustrated… those are each a warning sign.  Your body and mind are telling you that there’s something that doesn’t feel good or right for you.

That’s the first good news – you realize there’s something wrong in your life.  Stress and anxiety let you know.

The second good news is that because of this warning flag, you now know you need to do a little investigating.  Imagine there’s something very stinky in your house… like an animal got in and died a year ago.  Gross, right?!  You wouldn’t get rid of your whole house in order to stop the stink, and you wouldn’t just ignore it, ‘Oh well, I guess our house will smell like rotting animal carcass for a while.’  You’d search for the source of the stink.

It’s the same with stress.  When you feel it strongly in your life, look for its source.  We’re each unique, what stresses me out might not affect you at all and vice versa.  That’s why you must find the ways YOU get stressed.  

Here’s what to do… when you feel stress or anxious, take it seriously and start asking questions that’ll lead to your why.  These questions will get you started:

  1. What happened that is making me feel _____?
  2. What am I thinking about?  
  3. Literally – what are the thoughts that are running through my mind?
  4. What do I have some influence or control over?  
  5. What do I need to accept?
  6. What new or different thoughts can I think?
  7. How can I take a few minutes to sit and breathe?
  8. What else can I do to feel better right now?

Stress and anxiety – and the whole spectrum of emotions that sometimes feel uncomfortable – are nearly unavoidable in life.  However, you do have more control than you might think.

Until you better understand the sources of your stress – because stress is unique to each of us – you won’t be able to change or get rid of those sources.

The next time you feel an uncomfortable emotion such as anxiety, don’t let it get the best of you.  Instead, get curious.  Start asking yourself questions so you can better understand the source of your stress, and then you can choose to do something differently.

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Cheers to less stress & more calm,

P.S. Next week I’ll explain the biggest mistake people make when it comes to their stress, and that’ll give you a clear idea of the next step to take after you better understand your stress.


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