about shannon elhart

Do you wish for…

less stress, more peaceful days

less self.doubt, more confidence

less distraction, more presence with what you enjoy

fewer missed opportunities, more quality time with the people you love

fewer emotional roller coaster days, easier calm

You’re not alone.

I have craved all of those things. (Most people do.)

The good news is…

I found the better way.  

I’m Shannon Elhart, and I’d love to show you how to live it!

In 2000, I was hit with devastating news when I found out my unborn baby was terminal. That experience was life.changing in many ways. When my newborn son died, something awoke in me.

I started a journey of self.discovery.

For years that journey was the passion for mySelf and my life.

That journey is now the passion for my work

as I teach people throughout the world

how to live with more peace, happiness, and presence.

It took me over a decade, but it doesn’t have to be such a long journey. I’ve created programs that help people cultivate a happier, less stressful life in only a few months.

I’ve been a teacher and a counselor with a Master’s degree in counseling & psychology. I’m also a certified life coach, published author, public speaker, Reiki Master and intuitive who reads the Akashic Records.  I have more than fifteen years of studying through gurus and retreats, therapies and energy modalities. It’s an honor to know that I’ve helped so many people live happier lives.

I now work solely with people through a variety of unique, virtual programming and intuitive readings. In these programs, I teach how to live a more peaceful life with less stress, overwhelm, or self.doubt. People begin to deeply love who they are as they embrace their amazing qualities, heal and accept their past, and grow to anticipate a fabulous future.

You are meant to live an amazing, happy and fulfilling life… that’s why you’re here.  If you’re not enjoying that, let me help you!  Trust me – I lived many years without that joy -now that I know how to find it, I’d love to help you.


There are many teachers and gurus and wonderful guides in the world. What makes me the right person for so many people?

I’ve been there… to many dark places. Grief. Addiction. Divorce. Financial struggles. Abuse. Low.self esteem. Lack of self.worth. Depression. Anger. Jealousy. I get it.

Because I’ve been there, I do not judge. I’ve had people share their deepest parts of self with me. It’s an honor and privilege, not an opportunity to have an opinion.

Fierce determination. I have that for myself. I am determined to live the rest of my life deeply knowing my authentic self (even when she bewilders me). This will allow me to heal, forgive, understand, accept, and be compassionate. It will give me my best life. I have that same fierce determination for you.

I believe. I believe in you and in everyone. You can create a life with less stress, more happiness and confidence, and more presence. I have the tools.

I believe in a bit more than you and everyone. I believe in our world. There is a lot to be done to bring Peace across Earth, but it’s possible. It begins with individual hearts.

I have a different way to bring peace (and it’s very effective). When you begin to heal your mind and spirit, you’re better able to be mindful. Once you’re living mindfully, you’re also living peacefully. More mindful and peaceful people will bring a world with Peace!

Wanna be happier? In 5 days, I'll show you 5 simple ways to reclaim your happy!

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