Do you love Divine guidance as much as I do?

This morning I awoke to an unexpected message from my Divine guidance, and I’m betting you’ve had intuitive guidance show up very early in your day, too.  I think it’s the easiest time to experience intuition.

You know that place between asleep and awake, when you’re no longer sleeping and you’re not really awake either, but you’re waking up just enough to be aware?

I think that time each day is sacred.  It’s in those few moments – before you become fully aware of yourself, your life, and the world around you – when God can speak to you or show you something.  I believe it’s because our consciousness (and ego) haven’t kicked in yet.

When I was in that place, between asleep and awake, this morning – all warm and cozy under my covers – I was given a vision. What I saw was an aerial view of two roads.  The first road ran perpendicular to the second which was straight up and down (or north and south).  Where the first ran into the second, it dead-ended into a bunch of trees (a very clear dead-end to anyone driving a car), and a stop sign was meant to make sure no cars ran smack into the trees (or the perpendicular road).

In the vision there were two cars: one traveling west on the road that ran perpendicular to the other and dead-ended into trees, and another car traveling north.

The two cars were traveling at the right speed to directly crash – car one t-boning into car two.

And they were going fast enough to cause some serious injuries (or worse).

What’s so significant about this aerial view of Divine guidance that I was given? 

I admit – this was not the most Earth shattering guidance I’ve gotten in those earliest moments of waking up.  But because it was so clearly placed in my mind’s eye, I felt like I should pay attention.

That scene of the two cars was almost exactly what happened to me and my kids last night.  The only difference was there was no crash (thank God).  The timing of our two cars was just enough that as we drove north, the other car – missing the stop sign and running into the perpendicular road – just narrowly missed us after a Dukes of Hazard kind of maneuver by its driver.

We were on our way to have a picnic dinner at a park we haven’t been to in years.  Our dog, Lola was with us in the backseat.  My fifteen year old son, Mack, was driving.

The near crash scared the crap out of us.  As I saw the car, just ahead of us, running the stop sign, I reached over and held the horn down (Mack is still too polite to do so) while my son slammed on the brakes and swerved to the right.

Hearts pounding, a pup nearly thrown into the front seat, and ‘Thank God…’ said from each of us… we continued on our way.  We talked about it as we drove, thought perhaps we should have checked on the other driver who appeared a bit older, but it all happened so fast and she’d never stopped.

But in this vision I was shown a different ending. 

I saw a version of last night’s incident ending in a terrible car crash that would have landed all of us in the hospital… or worse.  My daughter, Sydra, and I were in the two passenger seats – we’d surely have been hurt really badly, if not killed. My son, driving, would also have been hurt very badly.  Our dog… well, she’d not have been in the scenario with the car crash… this is why.

In actuality, Lola, as were we loading up the car, had looked out the door with her most pathetic face.  The guilt-inducing face of ‘please take me with you.’  After Sydra closed the door, I fell for it and said, ‘Let’s bring her along.’  It took me only a few seconds to open the door, grab her leash, say the magic phrase ‘car ride,’ and she was hopping in the backseat behind Mack.

Having that small addition of time saved us the crash.  Or perhaps it was possibly a little delay the driver of the other car had that saved the crash from happening.  Regardless of anything, we avoided a life altering car crash by seconds.

This happened to me once before.

Years ago, when I was still married, my husband and I were heading to church.   He stopped, looked both ways, and turned right onto a road where 55mph is typical.  From behind a car in the other lane, another car suddenly moved out to pass creating a near head on collision. My husband, thank goodness for his very quick reflexes, quickly swerved off the road.  We sat there, even put the car in park, and let our hearts pound.  For a few minutes we reflected on how close we’d just come to getting into a horrible crash… a ‘we coulda died’ kind of crash.  I think I might have even cried a little bit because it rattled me so much.

Last night didn’t rattle me much, at least not until this morning.  I hadn’t given the incident much more thought after our picnic, but I have a feeling I was supposed to.  When I’m woken with a thought or a vision, like I was this morning, I really believe it’s important because it doesn’t feel like it’s from my consciousness.

The big deal with first-thing-in-the-morning Divine guidance is…

Pay attention!

The typical person has an alarm go off and immediately (or after a few snoozes) jumps out of bed.  This jump hardly has you paying attention to what’s happening in mind.  Yes, you are just waking up after sleep, but there’s more.  Your mind – your consciousness – is also just waking up.  This is the best time to tune in and received Divine guidance because you’re not aware enough yet to either ignore it, judge it, or miss it!

So this morning, after I saw the aerial view of what could have happened, I wondered why I was given that vision in my mind’s eye.  Honestly, I hadn’t thought about the incident much.  It’s not like I went to sleep pondering the possible crash and feeling either distress or gratefulness.  And even if I had thought about it as I fell asleep, I’d not have given myself the aerial vision of a crash.

This vision made me reflect a bit more.  I took some time to think about how grateful I am – not only for avoiding a terrible accident last night, but also for my life.  Here’s why this is significant…

I’ll admit, with the craziness in our world and some sadness I’ve muddled through this summer… there are times I forget that life is good.

Life really is very good.  And there are very good people and things going on in our world.

Here are my thoughts for you because I want my early morning Divine guidance to help you notice YOUR guidance (and your gratitude!).  From now on, as you slowly shift from sleep to awareness, pay attention to what’s happening in your mind’s eye and ear.  I promise you, you’ll start noticing Divine guidance in visions, messages, feelings, or even simple knowings.

And don’t forget how good life is… even when things don’t feel so good for your or the world.  Let’s stick together with hope and gratitude!

Enjoy each day, x

Life can be a bit overwhelming at times, that’s why learning how to remain calm is so important – meditation is the best path to that inner peace.  
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