Fresh Start Sunday :: episode 23 – How we all judge

Fresh Start Sunday :: episode twenty-three :: July 23, 2017 :: How we judge Listen to this week’s episode here: What’s Fresh Start Sunday all about?  Learn more by going here and be sure to sign up so you get each week’s episode right in your in-box! My goal is to help you have a fresh start to...

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How to talk about the tough times in your life

How do you share the tough times from your life? If you haven’t read WHY I think you should do this, go to this blog post I think vulnerable sharing can help change our world.  I really do.  It’s when we share the struggles from our life with others.  We do it honestly and openly, but...

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Why you should be open about your tough times

I believe in being open about our tough times and how we’ve struggled in life. I was chatting with a friend at a party recently.  At this party there were many adults and quite a few kids – ‘kids’ being 17-21 year olds.  We were laughing at how there was no way we’d...

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8 unexpected ways to celebrate being free

If you’re in the U.S.A., then you probably celebrated Independence Day yesterday – July fourth.  It’s a big deal, especially when you really think about your freedom.  Not everyone in the world has the freedoms we enjoy in the states.  It’s def not something to take lightly...

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