You’ve heard me speak about reducing stress in your life.

Maybe at work, an organization or church, over the phone or video, or even in your home.

But you need a bit more help.

Maybe you…

  • have a question
  • need a reminder on how to do a technique
  • are wondering about a different resource

If you need anything to help keep stress low in your life, I’m here to help you on a free call.

Each week – typically on Thursdays –  I have a free call when I’m available to answer questions related to reducing stress in your life.  I provide these to help people succeed with stress reduction.

I hope you’ll call in any time you need a boost.

The time of these calls does vary but are typically around noon EST.

Call this number  ::  857-232-0158

Use this code  ::  491679

Provide your name and email below so I can let you know when each month’s calls will be.

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