Are you wondering how your life can get better?

Maybe you know what you want…

  • Your marriage to improve.
  • To find a career you actually enjoy.
  • Your confidence to be guiding your life rather than doubt.
  • To be ‘over’ something painful in your past.

But even when you know what you want… how do you get there?

I like to think about it this way – there are two islands you ebb and flow between throughout life:  

Pain Island – when things in life feel not-so-great.
And Pleasure Island – when things feel good, consistent, reliable, & happy.

Sometimes when you’re stuck on Pain Island, you need a bit of help getting to Pleasure Island.

That’s where I come in – I like to be your captain, boat, and map.  My goal is to get you back confidently at the helm, guiding your own life.

Let’s get you back to Pleasure Island again!

It’d be an honor to work with you & get you started to a much happier life!
xo, Shannon

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