Are you wondering how you can heal from painful events in your past?  Do you wonder if you can really leave them behind and be happy again?

Trust me, you can.
Maybe you’ve experienced…

  • Divorce or heartbreak… and you’re still hurt or angry or lonely
  • Something that causes you lingering shame, regret, or guilt
  • The loss of someone you loved dearly, and the grief seems to never end
  • A neglectful or abusive childhood that’s left you feeling angry or never ‘good enough’
  • A lifetime of unworthiness – although you’re not sure why you feel so worthless, you want to finally love yourself and have confidence

I like to think about it this way – there are two islands you can live on throughout life:  

Pain Island – when things in life feel not-so-great (or just plain awful)
And Pleasure Island – when life feel good, consistent, reliable, & happy

Sometimes you get stuck on Pain Island… for years, months, or even what feels like a lifetime.  When you’re stuck on Pain Island, you might need a bit of help getting to Pleasure Island.

That’s where I come in – I like to be your captain, boat, and map.  My goal is to get you back confidently at the helm, guiding your own life… without your pain anchoring you to the past.

I love to help people love their life again – even after really tough stuff has happened. 

I’d love to help YOU!  Let’s see how I can get you sailing back to Pleasure Island again… healing your pain and leaving it in the past so you can live happier today!

There is a charge for these calls for three reasons, however it is returned to you in full if we develop a long-term relationship:
1) I prepare for these calls so I can serve you well.
2) I consider this appointment a coaching call as we work together for one session to see if it’s a fit for both of us.  Whether or not we establish a long-term coach-client relationship, you will benefit from this call.  This is protocol for first appointments in many industries – therapists, hair stylists, accountants, attorneys, etc.  I value my time, and you will see – as you get a lot of value from our time together – that I greatly value your time and personal growth, too.
3) I prefer to only work with people who are serious and ready to create real and positive change in life.  This will take commitment from both of us… I know I am a committed coach.  If you’re ready to commit and do the work along with me – then make an appointment.  You will not be disappointed!

Note: Discovery calls must be cancelled/rescheduled 48 hours in advance for a refund to apply.

I’d love to help you heal the pain from your past,
so you can live happily now!
xo, Shannon

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