Green Heart offers two free webinars every month.  In each, you will learn real life strategies to move forward with either forgiveness or reducing your stress level.  By the end of our time together you’ll have clear steps you can take that will bring you closer to healing and/or a calmer lifestyle.

If anyone in the world asked me, ‘What can I do to make my life better?’, I’d have the same single answer.


Get started with my free Weekend Meditations that arrive in your email-box each Saturday morning along with a reminder to do something to enjoy yourself over the two days off from work!

I provide free life coaching on a wide variety of questions each week on Ask Shannon… and it’s anonymous!

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I also provide free consultations if you’re looking for a life coach.  I work very differently than therapists.  If you want to make positive changes in your life, let’s talk.  Schedule an appointment below.

Okay, so this one isn’t ‘free’ but it’s really inexpensive :)

Learn about my book The Healing Gift of Gratitude: Live a happier, more peaceful life with a unique practice of gratitude.

In one year, you’ll transform your whole life with joy and thankfulness!

Reclaim your happiness!

Most people aren’t as happy as they’d like to be.  I teach five simple tips to help you live a happier life from today on.

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Each Sunday get a fresh start to your week so you’re sure to have more happiness, intentional living, and freedom from the past.  It’ll pop right in your inbox – fresh as a lazy Sunday cup of coffee!

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