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In fact, it’s not only a high note, it’s a friendly reminder to let go of anything that’s bugging you and intend something that’ll bring you more happiness.  Plus I share a quick tip – something for you to think about that’ll help you live a happier life.

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Each Fresh Start Sunday has three things

ONE : a reminder to let go of the past.  We all have things come up that upset us and cause us pain – anger, fear, worry, stress, regret.  There’s no point in holding onto what upsets us.

When you can learn from it – find the lesson, then let it go.
If there seems to be no lesson because it’s simply part of life – then let it go.

Once you practice this more, you’ll be able to let things flow through you without getting stuck and holding you in the past.

Start each week with a fresh heart.

TWO : a reminder to intend good things.  We all have dreams and goals for life.  In Fresh Start Sunday you’re encouraged to live with intention.  Choose a focus each week… something you can put attention to so you keep creating what makes you happy.

Start each week with a fresh mind.

THREE : something to think about that’ll inspire more happiness in your life.  It might be about bringing more calm into your day or peace into your heart.  I might share a strategy for meditation or breath work.  Perhaps  it’ll be about compassion or gratitude.  Maybe it’s just something to think about.

My goal is to give you a small dose of inspiration to live your happiest life.

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