Have you ever felt hopeless about something?

Maybe it was about love

Or money

Or a career path

Or a relationship (or lack thereof)

Not that long ago, while going through divorce, I felt really depressed.  It felt like there was very little good in my life or in my future, and I fell into the rabbit hole of darkness.

God, it was lonely.

It started out real bad.  Got worse.  Then ended with me creating something pretty cool!

I believe two things happen when you fall to the lowest places in life.

First, you have to muddle around in that darkness for a while.  For me, the divorce took me down –  I was shocked at how many unexpected, painful things came from it.  But what shocked me even more was what followed.

It seemed that the depression over my marriage and family falling apart led to looking at other aspects of my life that sucked, and down I went… into the rabbit hole.  

Hopelessness – feeling hopeless about nearly every aspect of my life.

So then the second inevitable thing happens – at least for most people.  It’s when, while we’re in the rabbit hole of yucky life stuff, that we often realize we have a choice to make:  remain in the darkness or climb out of the hole.

I decided to climb out, back to the sunshine.  Not that it was that easy.

My ladder of sorts was GRATITUDE.

I can’t recall why, but I started to keep a gratitude journal, and I felt a shift in my depression.  It was like depression was releasing its grip on my heart and life.

Journaling every day was helpful, but I found myself writing many of the same things day-in-and-day-out.  Of course I’m grateful for my kids every day, but I wanted to get deeper with appreciating my life, others, and the world around me.

Over time I came up with a ton of ways to find gratitude – new, fresh ways… even totally unexpected ways.

The shift I felt in my life was transforming.  I began seeing nearly everything differently – even the weather.  Even the tough times I’d experienced.  Even people who drove me crazy.  Even the hot shower I was blessed to take each morning.  Everything.

It was so good that I decided to put it all in a book – for YOU.  I want you to experience gratitude at a deeper level just like I have.  I want YOU to feel the transformation that brings a deeper, lasting joy into your life.  

My book is available worldwide, and if you buy it through THIS LINK before May 31, 2017 – you can enter to win a prize.  I’ll be choosing one name for every 10 books sold – so your odds are pretty good :)

After you buy a copy, go here to enter to win!

Cheers to more gratitude in the world,

Love and Hope,

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