Your soul has a voice.

Are you listening?

(if not, I can help you hear it)

Have you ever wondered why a certain person is in your life?

Maybe you’ve wondered why the same pattern keeps showing up in your life (i.e. you keep getting involved with people who are manipulative or you continue to have financial struggles)

Perhaps you’re tired of being stuck – without financial peace, without a career you love, without an authentic love relationship, without something you really desire

Maybe you’re in pain over something in the past or you’re worried about what the future holds

Do you want to move forward in life, but you’re not sure how to begin?

Are you going through a tough time, and you wonder why you have to go through it or when it will be over?

I can help you find the answers.

The Akashic Records are an etheric storing place for the entire history of your soul.  They record each life time, your thoughts, words, deeds, lessons, and life purpose – all energetically.  You can access these records or you can have someone, like myself, access them and provide you the guidance.

When I gather information from the Records, it’s provided in beautiful visions and clear messages – often even some loving humor.  I share what I see, sense, and hear with you as you ask your questions. Most clients come with a few questions, but as we dig deeper more questions arise, and more answers are revealed.

As an experienced life coach, I provide much more than the information provided, I help you figure out what to do next.  It’s a dynamic and very helpful process.

Arlene AR testimonial

~ Arlene, San Diego

I would tell anyone – if you are seeking any assistance on your life.path, trust in Shannon. She has a gift, and is truly a caring soul. This is her calling.

~ Landis, West Olive, Michigan

I have a natural and studied talent for looking at your life journey, its purpose, and how you can find more happiness and peace.  The Akashic Records are your Soul’s history, and they’re also filled with information regarding your life now.  In the Records, you may ask anything about your life’s past or any current issue you face.

While in your Akashic Records you can learn more about who you are at the soul level.  You’ll be able to see why your life is unfolding as it has so far, and what you’re meant to do in the future.

Most of us have blocks – from previous lives or from earlier experiences in this lifetime.  Those blocks can be found and better understood, which helps you release them so you can start living a happier, more fulfilling life right away.

I came to get help with a money block I was tired of, but I got much more – even finding more peace about my mother’s death.

~Claire, Venice Beach

I had an opportunity to have an Akashic Record reading with Shannon and was not only blown away by her accuracy and insight, but I walked away with clarity and direction on patterns and events that have taken place in my life. Her insight and willingness to get to the root of it all made me feel as if she was just invested as I was to get to the ‘good stuff’. It was like being on an adventure with an expert, guide and trusted friend. If you haven’t had an opportunity to work with Shannon, I highly recommend it. And if you have, then you’re probably considering working with her again…and who can blame you? Do it!

~ Gina Gomez, Hollywood, CA

How a session works:

  • We meet over the telephone or Skype so I can record your session
  • You share your questions with me
  • I open your Akashic Records with a beautiful, purposeful prayer
  • I’m shown guidance clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, and clairsentiently, and I share that information with you (people are astonished with how beautiful and ‘right on’ the visions are)
  • I’ll send you a recording so you can listen again (and download if you’d like)

I came to Shannon searching for assistance through relationship blocks. After exploring my past lives and soul contracts, I was then able to move on with the circumstances in my current relationships. After my reading, I had a completeness to step forward, and that feeling kept blossoming afterward. I felt safe, comforted, and at ease working with Shannon. She is like a long-lost friend you have yet to meet. I would recommend others work with her as you’ll feel immediately at ease at the sound of her voice – she’s wonderful.

~ Stacy, Chicago

Here’s a list of questions/topics that people often explore:

Why is (name) in my life? (parent, sibling, lover, partner, girl/boyfriend, co.worker, etc.)

What role is ____ in my life? (a new job, home, location, relationship, etc.)

What can I learn from ____ happening? (divorce, job loss, financial uncertainty, death, etc.)

What are my gifts or purpose in this lifetime?

What can I do to move out of (circumstance)?

How am I blocking my success/abundance/fulfillment, and how can I stop this pattern?

What must I do to find (job, relationship, resolution, financial stability, etc.)?

How can I create ____ in my life? (love, purpose, hope, health, happy relationships, inner.peace, etc)

Is there anything I need to learn from a previous life?

Are there any negative aspects of a previous life that I need to work on?

Were (name) and I connected in a previous life?

What life lessons am I working on and how can I continue growing in these areas?

What can I do to continue being the best person I can be?

Why does (circumstance) keep happening in my life?

How can I let go of (person or circumstance)?

Am I on the right track with _____ ?

I wanted to learn about what was in my past that might be preventing me from moving forward. I kept dealing with similar situations, but Shannon was able to show me the path I had been walking and what obstacles I was running into.

~ Stevie, Los Angeles, CA

There are four options for readings

One Intuitive Reading – 50 minutes, $125

Readings with me are very interactive and organic – as I share what I intuit, you’re encouraged  to interact and dialogue with me and the Divine.  You’ll receive more than you even hope for!

If you’d like to have a 50 minute reading, tap here to schedule our time together!

One Intuitive Reading + Coaching – 80 minutes total, $200

I’m an experienced coach with a very diverse skill set.  You’ll leave this session not only with the Divine guidance but a clear plan to move forward.

To enjoy 80 minutes together for a reading and personalize coaching, tap here to find a time to connect!

Life Transition Package *save 10%* four 50-minute readings to use over one year, $450

If you’re going through a major life transition – divorce, relationship, career, moving location, identity, grief – this will help you move through the next year with more confidence, inner peace, and joy.

To enjoy four sessions together tap here to find a time to connect for your first reading!

Life Transition Package + Coaching *save 10%* four 80-minute readings with coaching to use over one year, $720

This package is identical to the Life Transition Package above, except it includes an extra twenty minutes in each reading when I will provide coaching based on what we learn from your Divine Team.

If you’re going through a major life transition – divorce, relationship, career, moving location, identity, grief – this will help you move through the next year with more confidence, inner peace, and joy.

To enjoy four sessions + coaching together tap here to find a time to connect for your first reading!

listen to your soul’s voice…

it’s much wiser than the voice
you typically listen to

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