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Shannon Elhart isn’t afraid to break the rules to live an authentic and fulfilling life. After nearly forty years of attempting to get everyone to love and approve of her, Elhart finally realized it was not only fruitless but the number one hindrance to her true joy and success. After experiencing her newborn son pass away in her arms, Elhart began to look deeply at all her life experiences and how she had allowed each to define her. Realizing the ways in which her history, beliefs, thought patterns, and lifestyle were holding her back – she began a journey of authentic discovery and personal healing.

Using her Master’s degree in counseling psychology, her certification as a life coach, and years of research, Elhart created The Healing Journey
which are a foundation for living happily with mindfulness, emotional healing, and confidence.  From this foundation she developed programs that help people bring the elements into their life.  The Happiness of You™ is a program that teaches the daily practice for living more happily. Heal Your Past, Free Your Future™ is a program designed to help individuals with the process of healing from painful events in their past.  Both can be accessed worldwide.

Elhart is passionate about making a difference in our world by creating more peace. She believes people who’ve released the past and embraced a happier lifestyle will create a more peaceful world. She is the founder of Green Heart, LLC, a life coach, author, speaker, Reiki Master, intuitive, and inspiring person. She resides in West Michigan with her two children and enjoys practicing mindfulness each day – preferably on the beach.


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