Are you religious?
Are you spiritual?
Do you believe in God?

Part of me can’t believe I’m creating this page on my site.
Part of me wants to laugh.
Part of me wants to cry.

However, I’ve had one too many conversations regarding this.

I’ve had people not hire me for two reasons – two completely opposing reasons (that’s the laughter).

I’ve had people not allow me to hire them (for example – to have them build my website) because I wasn’t ‘Christian’, which was, btw, a complete assumption because I was never asked.

I’ve had new clients who were rejected from a coach because they weren’t Christian.  These were, by the way, amazing clients who I am so glad to have gotten to know.  (I always want to ask those coaches, ‘Is that WWJD?’)

So what do I believe?
So much.
And so little
And nothing.
It’s really too much to even wrap MY head around!

But here’s how I live.

I feel very connected to God, but when I describe God it often doesn’t align with how people around me view God.  I experience God in many ways – while watching a sunset and feeling awe, when walking through the forest with sadness and arriving on the other side feeling peace, when meeting anyone – regardless of their gender/sexual identity, financial level, religious or lack there of beliefs, race, culture, or anything else… I see God in each person.  I experience God as a unending source of love that is both feminine and masculine and neither.  I believe God only wants good for every person.

I do not claim a religion because I’ve found that to be more divisive then unifying.  In fact, I kinda hate claiming anything because I’ve felt how quickly assumptions are made when we use labels to describe ourselves and each other.  Yes, labels can be handy or even necessary, but they also create walls.  I hate walls.

Yes, I am very spiritual.  But I still get pissed off sometimes.  I still feel jealousy and fear and even have days when I want to stay in bed and feel sorry for myself.  That’s because I’m human.  However, I do, very sincerely, strive to release all the stuff I believe causes me pain (even though it’s typically all in my head (i.e. my perspective)).  I strive to be more compassionate, accepting, present, forgiving, and kind every day.  Even when I totally screw up.

I believe in Love.
I believe in healing.
I believe in You.
I believe in me.
I believe this sounds like I’m in the 60s, burning my bra with a joint in my mouth… but it’s true.

Personally, I’m exhausted of finding differences.  I want to embrace.

If all this turns you off – that is fine.
If all this intrigues you – that is fine, too.

If, after reading this, you want to connect… let me know.

Regardless of it all, I send you love (more hippie talk), because I like sending love… even to strangers, even to people who hurt me or drive me bananas, even to people who do outrageously horrible things in the world.  I think it’s the balm that will heal our crazy, beautiful world and finally bring us together.


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