A few years ago I was not feeling very much self.love.  I tried to be more compassionate to myself… but it wasn’t possible.  At least not until…

I started researching compassion for others.  One day I read about a practice where you give Love and Peace to everyone you pass by.  I was especially sad that day, but desperate for relief I drove to a large book store, walked around, and – for each person I noticed – I wished Love and Peace into their life.

I left the store transformed and inspired.

I found ways to practice compassion, and as I did – something surprising happened. I obviously become more compassionate toward others (a big bonus in life), but I started to be more self.kind and compassionate with myself (a really big bonus in life).

Some perks of purposefully practicing compassion:

  • you’ll think fewer negative thoughts overall: about self, about others, and about the world
  • you’ll feel happier and more confident
  • you’ll be better able to bring the good stuff you want into your life
  • you’ll give 100% of what you pay for PCPs to two great charities

By purchasing my set of ten Purposeful Compassion Practices (PCPs) you receive audio recordings describing each (via email) and a set of reminder cards (via snail mail) to help you remember to practice.  

Cost is only $10+shipping

A SPECIAL NOTE: 100% of the proceeds go to one of these two charities

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