When you’re home, it’s supposed to be your safe-zone – the place where you can rest, enjoy others, and feel at peace. That’s often not the case when too many people have stress going on.  It can result in anxiety for everyone, arguments, tension, and unnecessary family issues.

The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with your family or the person who is stressed out.  It’s a collective problem – one that bleeds from one person to another.  If one or more people come home with a lot of stress from the day, it affects everyone.

When the stress builds and starts moving through your family, it can look and feel like this:

  • poor sleep patterns that lead to grumpy next days
  • everyone, especially the parents, feeling spread too thin
  • more unnecessary arguing than normal
  • tension because things aren’t getting done due to exhaustion, distraction, or lack of time
  • if you happen to find time for a family dinner, it’s often rushed or not very enjoyable
  • an unhappy household where you feel like you’re all just going through the motions of life

I can help your family live with less stress.  Together, let’s bring back…

better sleep and happier next days
more balance for your whole life
a household with fewer unnecessary arguments
things getting done
enjoyable family dinners
happiness and presence with your family

What I teach is helpful for each individual and your whole family.  You’ll all learn proven, practical strategies that you can implement right away… things that will help each person and your entire family as a whole.

You won’t be alone through this process.  I teach, then you practice while I support you all, then I teach again while you practice even more new skills.  In the end,  you’ll ALL feel like you have a new way of living – one with less stress, more happiness and calm.

*note – my approach is designed for families with children of middle or high school age or older

Set up a complimentary appointment so we can chat about what your family needs and how I can help!

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