The Healing Journey

A safe, private, empowering community
where you heal at your own pace

You can be happy… again
even after you’ve had really tough life experiences

I bet you’ve heard of PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It’s very common among people as it’s something experienced after a traumatic event.

By the way, that event doesn’t have to be something that makes the headlines.

PTSD can follow a divorce, illness, grief, loss of income or home, a betrayal from a loved one or friend – really anything that disrupts life and leaves you in pain.

What about PTG – have you heard of that?

PTG is Post Traumatic Growth.  It’s pretty darn amazing!

PTG is what happens when you go through a traumatic, stressful event AND THEN YOU GROW from it.

Isn’t that remarkable?  You grow from your pain.

That growth is what The Healing Journey is all about.  The Healing Journey shows you how to take the pain you’ve experienced in life and become a better, happier person through it.

Trust me… it’s possible (and the journey is worth every tear and triumph)

Is there something painful in your past that still causes you unhappiness today?

  • anger over a relationship or circumstance
  • regret over a decision
  • grief
  • fear that something will happen again (or continue happening)
  • vengefulness over betrayal or deceit
  • guilt over causing pain for others
  • shame over something you wish you’d never done
  • worry that things will never be okay in your life
  • a childhood of abuse or neglect
  • violence
  • addiction
  • or maybe it’s a feeling of unworthiness that never seems to stop

Would you like that pain to go away? 

Every experience you’ve had serves purpose.

and somehow, believe it or not, its purpose can be to help you grow…. if you allow it

Do you feel defined or limited by your past?  Do you feel stuck as…

  • the jaded ex
  • the grieving parent, child, or spouse
  • the addict
  • the unwanted child
  • the victim
  • the abused girl/boy
  • the person who never fits in
  • the train wreck
  • or perhaps you don’t even know what’s wrong, but you feel it there in your life

Do you want to just be YOU without any labels that limit you?

You don’t have to hold on to pain from your past.

You can be happy again.

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Happy Members!

I was in so much pain and I had little hope that things would be better until Shannon helped me find peace with a painful past.

~ Katie, New York

The Healing Journey is like a library of self-help books and years of therapy all wrapped up in one outstanding program – it’s changed my life, and I’ll be forever grateful!

~ JoAnne, Michigan

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