Heal your pain.

You deserve to live your life

& love your life

without holding onto emotional pain from the past

(We’ll show you how!)

The Healing Journey is
a safe, private, empowering community
where you heal at your own pace

You’ve had painful things happen in your life.

We all have.

But here’s the difference:

you can choose.

You can have pain and healing.


you can have pain and suffering.

Pain happens, then is healed.

Suffering is pain you’ve held onto (for days, months, years, even decades), without healing.

Pain hurts then teaches you.

Suffering hurts then limits you.

You can choose to heal your pain

so it’s left in the past.

When you do that, you’re free.

Free to create a future that’s happier, free to love yourself more fully, and free to enjoy your life no matter what!


It’s about taking the pain from your life and transforming it into joy. It’s about acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness – for others and for yourself.

In The Healing Journey, you use the pain you’ve experienced in the past to create more happiness, confidence, inner peace, and fulfillment in your present life and in the future.

Believe it or not, that’s why pain happens – to teach you and to show you the way to deeper happiness.  

Shannon believes, “The pain in your life isn’t meant to make you suffer forever.  It’s meant to help you grow, learn, become your best self, and live your happiest life.”

In The Healing Journey I’ve learned to sit with my pain, and I’ve allowed myself to truly feel it rather than stuffing and hiding it inside like I used to do. I feel more optimistic, capable, and comfortable in my own skin.

I joined The Healing Journey because of the pain of a miscarriage and the feeling that I was broken and didn’t deserve happiness.  I wanted to work with Shannon so I could forgive myself, and find hope and happiness in my future.  In The Healing Journey I’ve learned to sit with my pain, and I’ve allowed myself to truly feel it rather than stuffing and hiding it inside like I used to do.  I feel more optimistic, capable, and comfortable in my own skin. Shannon’s transparency and honesty helped a lot with my own healing.  I’d absolutely recommend her program because it’s been an awesome experience – you can only grow in love and positivity from it!




Your pain might come from divorce.  Or grief – the loss of a loved one or the loss of a dream, a job, or security.  You might have even lost your sense of self.  Your pain might come from a troubling childhood with abuse, neglect or loneliness.  

Your pain might come from within – shame, guilt, regret – from decisions you’ve made, addictions you’ve fought, or people you’ve hurt.

Your pain might even be about your self-concept – a lack of self worth, self esteem, self confidence, or self love.  

It might come from yesterday, last week, a few years ago, or even decades earlier.

It doesn’t matter what your pain is or when it happened – Pain is Pain, and Healing is Healing.  Whenever there is pain in your life – it’s an opportunity to heal and become happier.  

The Healing Journey is about letting go of the pain to make room for true, lasting happiness.

Not only have I managed to forgive myself and others, but truly feel free from some of the junk that I allowed to sabotage my life.  And when I think about my future – I feel.confident going forward that I have the tools to manage issues in a whole new fashion, which is such a powerful feeling!

I joined The Healing Journey because I knew I was allowing “junk” from my past to influence my life and my relationships in negative ways, but I didn’t know what to do to move forward and get UNstuck.  I hoped to learn tools to cope with past pains that continually crept into my life.  I also wanted skills to help me better deal with future issues and self-forgiveness.  I feel.so much more empowered!!  Not only have I managed to forgive myself and others, but truly feel free from some of the junk that I allowed to sabotage my life.  And when I think about my future – I feel confident going forward that I have the tools to manage issues in a whole new fashion, which is such a powerful feeling!  The people in this group were the best!  Shannon creates a safe, non-judgemental environment for expression and loving support.  It’s incredible how each of us is on his/her own journey with unique issues, yet I felt connected and supported by them all, as if we were connected by a common thread.  I would tell any friend that they should check into The Healing Journey if they want to heal like I have and stop letting painful stuff from their past affect their life now.  I think everyone harbors some pain from their past, and we each deserve to be free of it and move forward accordingly.  This is the perfect platform to learn those tools.




The minute you start the journey, you’ll realize – this is going to do more than heal my pain… it’s going to heal my life.

And you’re right. 

You won’t only heal the pain from your past, you’ll end up loving yourself and your life more. You’ll cope with emotions in a different way. You’ll feel more confident about who you are and what you want in your future. Your relationships with others will improve. Your relationship with yourself will be better than you could have ever imagined.

In fact… we dare you to even love yourself!  

Since joining The Healing Journey, I’ve had so many personal breakthroughs. The biggest one has brought me a calm in my life that even the people closest to me have noticed. I used to be nervously uptight all the time, but now there’s a confidence I didn’t even know was there before.

I joined The Healing Journey because I was stressed in my marriage with issues making me feel worthless, unappealing, and hurt.  I wanted to heal so I could regain my self-worth and self-respect.  I wanted to feel satisfaction and happiness about my life, and I wanted a sense of purpose.  During The Healing Journey I gained back my self-worth, self-respect, confidence, and now I know I deserve to be happy.  I am much more positive since the journey.  Even if I find myself falling into negativity, I remind myself ‘I’m not going there,’ and I turn it around.  The best part of The Healing Journey was the ah-ha moment of realizing ‘I love me!’  Then lots of things began to fall into place – I forgave and let go of my husband’s issues, and I was able to move forward.  Another great thing about Shannon’s program are the tools and techniques she teaches which have become lifelong skills I’ll use again and again to heal any pain I might encounter.  Anyone thinking about joining will be blessed to work with Shannon – she does the walk as well as the talk, and she has this beautiful energy of happiness.  If you desire more happiness in your life or have pain to heal, do The Healing Journey.  You won’t regret it for a minute.  Shannon is the one to work with.



Who’s the Healing Journey for?  

It’s for people who…


Know they have pain in their past that’s holding them back from being really happy


Remember something from long ago and feel stuck in how much it still hurts


Realize that they aren’t as happy as they’d like to be because the struggles from their past keep affecting their present life


Have always felt there is something wrong or missing from life


Are ready to accept and forgive the tough events and people from their past so they can leave it behind once and for all


Experienced anything painful from their past:  divorce, grief, other losses, addiction, betrayal, violence, abuse, neglect, and anything that brought them pain.


Feel stuck in emotions like these:  shame, anger, resentment, guilt, regret, fear, anxiety, jealousy, rage, unforgiveness, and are sick of having these feeling steal their joy


Always feel like they’re trying to ‘fix’ themselves


Want to learn how to forgive and live more in the Now


Feel a lack of self worthiness or an ‘I’m not good enough’ mindset and want to get rid of it


Can’t seem to make happiness ‘stick’ in their life

I’ve struggled with a lifelong theme of shame, guilt, and receiving issues.  I had one situation after another where I kept feeling stuck about my willingness to receive in nearly every form of the word.  I felt closed, shut down, and anxious.  This deep fear I carried – that if I truly did receive all the good that I am worthy of – left me feeling like I’d have to exchange it with something terrible happening in my life.  I’d worked on this struggle for many years and knew I was ready to heal the next layers – that’s when The Healing Journey came into my life, and I took it as a sign to go deeper.  When I joined I was looking to consistently feel less anxious, more confident, and find a deep level of trust.  I just want to feel ‘better’ and feel that more of the time.  Now I feel much more at ease and much more grounded more often.  This might sound simple, but it’s actually been a massive change in my life.  I’ve learned some great new tools to help when I feel stuck and to shift my perspective on things that used to really bug me.  I’m still working on the forgiveness, but what really matters is that I am working on it!  What I loved best about THJ was the multitude of learning opportunities that Shannon provided for every type of learner: audios, videos, worksheets, journaling, and guided meditations – it was AWESOME! Shannon’s teaching style is excellent – she breaks down complex and very deep concepts in a way that makes it so easy for our ‘questioning’ and resistant minds to take in.  She is so warm, encouraging, and compassionate, yet she offers just the right amount of nudging us out of our comfort zones.  Shannon went above and beyond what others leaders I’ve worked with have done to make herself available.  I truly felt she was there with me every step of the way – that’s a really powerful thing to say about a group program.  If you’re thinking about this program – Oh my gosh – DO IT!!!!  There’s not a single person on this planet who couldn’t benefit from this work.  Whether you’re new to the healing or you’ve done a lot of work on yourself – this program will absolutely teach you something new and incredibly valuable about yourself.  You’ll unburden in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine which will bring you more peace, happiness, and tools for life… DO IT!!!



My personal favorite part of The Healing Journey

When I created this program my main intention wasn’t only to help people heal pain in their life.  It was to help people heal ALL the pain from their past, and to have a resource and process to return to anytime new pain arose.  

I believe we all become healers when we heal – Healed Healers.  When we each heal our own pain two wonderful things happen.  First, we become a happier person.  Second, we go back into the world a new person – a healed person – who has a different energy, more light and love, a peaceful inner self, and that change within us helps create change around us.  This is how the world will become a happier, more peaceful place for everyone!

I welcome you to join me!



There were more than a few times in my life when I thought I could not go on. The pain was too intense. I even attempted suicide twice and thought about it many other times. I was lost in the pain, which, because I’d held onto it for years (even subconsciously), had become suffering. I saw no way out of the suffering – at least not until there was a moment, months after my son, Jonathan, had died, when I stood on the lawn of our local hospital for a baby remembrance service – and I realized ‘I have choice.’

I went home that afternoon to begin a journey – an unknown, lonely journey to heal my broken heart and empty arms.

After healing from Jonathan’s death, I was surprised to find more unhealed pain that I was holding onto. Old pain that I was allowing to define and limit me in so many ways. I didn’t realize there was so much more suffering beneath the surface of my life. I didn’t know I was getting more and more lost in an addiction to alcohol. I didn’t realize I was still holding onto pain from being raped over a decade earlier. I didn’t recognize that the pain from a lack of self-love was eating away at my relationships, even leading to divorce. I didn’t know that I was trapped in a belief that I was unworthy.

Most importantly, I had no idea the level of freedom and self-love I’d find from healing all that pain.

In the end, I realized most people were holding onto pain from their past, and too many either didn’t know what to do or didn’t have the resources to get help. For some it was just too scary to speak about and go to a therapist.

I decided to create a safe, nurturing community where people could heal at their own pace, from the comfort of their home. After years of working with individuals, The Healing Journey was born.

When you hold onto pain from the past, you are trapped in yesterday, and it’s tough to create a happy, fulfilling future when you can’t let go of the what happened long ago. Join me… learn how to let go of your pain so you can find true, lasting happiness.

This is how The Healing Journey works:

It’s simple – you can join the journey from anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the internet.

Once you’re a member, you’ll receive a username and password, so you can access the private website anytime you’d like… even at 3am if you need to get some virtual guidance, love and hope.

As a member, you’ll receive everything you need to heal the pain from your past. I teach through videos, audios, guided meditations, and a workbook that keeps you organized.

The Healing Journey is not a one-time experience – you will be a LIFETIME member, so you can return any time to continue your healing.  How cool is that?!

Module 1 • Exploring

Often people know something is blocking their happiness, but they’re not exactly sure what it is.  In Module One: Exploring, you’ll learn how to explore your entire life.  As you look at all the aspects, teachings, and experiences you’ve had so far, you’ll easily see what you need to heal.  You’ll know what’s stopping you from living a fulfilling, confident, joy-filled life – whether that’s from one life event or many.  Shannon has a way of guiding you – safely and comfortably – in exploring the pain from your past so you can heal at a deeper, more powerful level.

What you’ll learn in

The Healing Journey

Welcome Session

The Welcome Session is a cheerful hello from Shannon to help you feel comfortable on the member’s private site.  It’ll show you around the modules, provide you the workbook and other handy resources, teach you how to take best advantage of this amazing program, and help you connect with our community!

Module 1 • Exploring

Often people know something is blocking their happiness, but they’re not exactly sure what it is.  In Module One: Exploring, you’ll learn how to explore your entire life.  As you look at all the aspects, teachings, and experiences you’ve had so far, you’ll easily see what you need to heal.  You’ll know what’s stopping you from living a fulfilling, confident, joy-filled life – whether that’s from one life event or many.  Shannon has a way of guiding you – safely and comfortably – in exploring the pain from your past so you can heal at a deeper, more powerful level.

Module 2 • Loving

In Module Two: Loving, you’ll learn amazing ways to see and claim your self-worth and hold onto it for the rest of life.  A major block for nearly everyone is an issue with their self-concept.  These beliefs – of not being ‘good enough’ or of lacking worthiness – were not with you at birth.  They came to you from life experiences – a seed was planted, you kept thinking a thought until it became a belief (regardless of whether it is true), and now you live from this untruth.  You deserve to feel ‘good enough’ and ‘worthy’ to live a life that’s all you wish it to be.  In this module, you’ll take the experiences you found in Exploring, that stop your self-love, and heal those aspects so you’re free to be confident and happy.  The skills you learn aren’t temporary, they’re life changers!

Module 3 • Feeling

Module Three: Feeling will change how you’ve viewed emotions your whole life.  Most people weren’t taught (or modeled) how to cope with emotions.  Instead, their emotions can run their days and ruin their experience.  In this module you’ll learn a lot more than coping skills, you’ll learn how to view the whole spectrum of emotions in a much healthier way, and you’ll understand how to use feelings to guide your life rather than hinder your healing and happiness.  If you want to feel ‘good’ more often, this module has everything you’ll need!

Module 4 • Shifting

Module Four: Shifting teaches you how much you influence your life through your thoughts and thinking patterns.  Everything you experience in life is impacted by how you think about and perceive the world around you.  In this module you’ll learn life altering strategies to use your mind and thoughts in new ways.  When you’re more in control of how you think, you can influence EVERYTHING about your life.   You’re not only better able to heal and forgive,  you’re better able to life a happy, fulfilling life.

Module 5 • Releasing

Shifting is the first step into releasing.  It’s the action that will change the day-to-day way you view and ‘do’ life.  In Module Five: Releasing you’ll go deeper.  When you begin to understand more of how your mind works, you’ll be ready to look at specific life experiences in new ways – ways that break the chains that keep you stuck in the pain..  In this module you’ll begin to release the past – and your pain will go right along with it!

Module 6 • Forgiving

I think of the sixth module as the icing on the cake.  In Module Six: Forgiving you’ll bring together all the healing work you’ve done so far and complete it.  Forgiveness is the most important lesson to learn in life, but many people are never taught how to forgive.  Even if you know how, it can feel really difficult (or impossible) depending on what or who you’re forgiving.  I’ve created an amazing approach to unblocking you so you can forgive others and yourself.  In this module you’ll learn the blocks to forgiveness, plus real strategies to guide you through the forgiveness process. 

Module 7 • Growing & Giving

In Module Seven: Growing and Giving you’ll learn how wonderful your life can be when you don’t stop here, but you keep going with your healing and growing as an individual.  I’ve created a way to keep you motivated on your journey.  Whether you have one life experience from your past to heal or you have many – I encourage you to continue your journey of personal growth.  To make things even better, you’ll also learn ways to give back to others and the world because that’s what will make the difference in our global community… people like yourself who’ve chosen to heal their pain and become happier!

Module 8 • Committing

Module Eight: Committing.  If you know much about me, you know that I believe in our world and the possibility of creating a peaceful place for all of life.  In this module, I’ll encourage you to commit to your new life as a ‘Healed Healer’.  A Healed Healer is anyone who’s done their work to heal the pain from their past.  Once you do this, regardless of your career, you’ll become a healer who goes into the world with a different energy and a higher level of consciousness.  Not only will this make your life so much better, it’ll make the world a better place!

But there’s much more than the Modules….


You’re a member forever.  Anytime you need to refresh your mind on the healing and forgiving skills or learn a bit more about healing and happiness…. you’re welcome to jump back into the private, members-only site.  And trust me – what you see there now is nothing to what’s coming in the future!


We have a members-only Facebook group that is completely private for anyone in The Healing Journey.  It’s a secluded, safe place to connect with other amazing members, give and receive support, share helpful information and articles, and post fun, encouraging things!  You are not required to join, it’s just an added bonus if you choose to!


The Community Calls are a favorite among members – and for good reasons!  It’s amazing how much we can truly connect with new friends even without meeting them in person.  You will LOVE these calls.  They are purposeful, fun, engaging, encouraging, and such a great way to meet and support all the cool people in the program.

We have three types of Community Calls to keep us connected and healing.  These calls are held over a private conference call line for convenience and anonymity.

1 - Q&A Calls

On these calls we connect to discuss the program.  You may ask any questions about the modules’ content, share how you’re doing or where you need some help, ask for support, anything goes as long as it’s about healing.  

These calls are like forever Life Coaching – you can jump on at any time to receive help.  If you finish the program but years later need some coaching related to healing pain, jump on a call.  Even if you don’t ask a question, you’ll benefit from what others ask.  You’ll also be able to share your support with others who are struggling.

2 - Share Calls

These calls provide an opportunity for you to share your story or experience of pain anonymously.  It is very important – and deeply healing – to use your voice to express your pain.  On these calls you’re given that chance – if you choose to share, you’ll be amazed at the release you’ll feel in body, mind, and spirit.  You’ll also be grateful for the love and compassion you feel from those who hear your story.

3 - Shift Calls

The process of shifting and releasing the perspective and thoughts about your painful experience can be difficult (Modules Four and Five).  These calls provide a safe place for you to get help with that shift.  When others are not personally connected to your story, they’re better able to see the pain from a new viewpoint.  That can make all the difference in your healing, bringing you the peace you crave to move on toward forgiveness and true freedom.

Since I was little I always felt I had to ‘fix’ me.  After years of pain and confusion – negatively affecting nearly every aspect of my life – I found the courage to find something different for my soul and peace in my heart.  My hope was to retrieve my self-esteem and self-worth.  I wanted to be rid of the guilt, shame and self loathing, and I wanted to know I was worthy of being loved.  I didn’t just want to have joy in my life, I wanted to f-e-e-l that joy.  Since joining The Healing Journey, I’ve had so many personal breakthroughs.  The biggest one has brought me a calm in my life that even the people closest to me have noticed.  I used to be  nervously uptight all the time, but now there’s a confidence I didn’t even know was there before.  Learning to meditate and see the joy all around me has helped me to stop feeling buried in the pain from my past.  Now I know that I can heal my pain, and I have tools to help me move forward.  The supportive and encouraging people I’ve met in THJ – a ‘community’ –  have melted away the loneliness I’ve felt for so many years.  If anyone was thinking about joining The Healing Journey I’d tell them that they are worth investing in themselves – they’ll come away with a toolbox full of strategies and goodness to help them work through whatever past painfulness they may carry with them and certainly anything they may face in their future.   Shannon has walked her own journey of healing – she is living proof that this works.  There IS light at the end of the tunnel, and she will be with you to guide and direct you with love and understanding.  I’d recommend THJ to anyone and everyone who’s ready to come out of the darkness that is their pain and move into the light and joy of life as they were meant to.



Why you’ll want to join in November 2016

(and not later...)

Save Money

The price to become a member of The Healing Journey is increasing in 2017.  Grab your LIFETIME membership NOW!

Walk through it with Shannon.

This is the final time I will ‘walk people through’ the journey.  In the future, it’ll be a program people can join at anytime, so this is the final time we will be going through it together!  And trust me, I’m fun to walk with :)

There’s a holiday break.

There will be no released modules from December 16 through January 6.  This is so you can enjoy the holidays without receiving more information about the journey.  You can, of course, continue working through the first two modules throughout this time, in fact, I hope you do!

Special ‘Intend 2017’ class

In December, I’ll hold a special Live Class on how to set goals and intentions for the new year.  Skip the New Year’s Resolutions – let’s really figure out what you want and how you can have it in 2017!  This will be recorded in case you can’t make it live.

And there’s more coming in the future of The Healing Journey!

There are plans to expand and offer more to help people heal in the near future.  This will begin falling into place as The Healing Journey program grows and more participants are involved.

Guest Speakers

Speakers will be invited to teach on anything from spiritual practices and energy work, to journaling or using art to help you find peace and healing.  These will be fun calls!

Healing Library

We’ve begun collecting commonly asked questions and circumstances from participants.  When answers are provided, they’ll be recorded in video or audio, then uploaded to a library for endless resources.  Perfect for the 3am break down when you’re crying your eyes out and looking for some relief, direction, and support!

Strong, more intimate community

This is will be a big surprise (we’re keeping all the details a secret), but what we’re working on is a way to provide you a small group of people to connect with in a more intimate and special way.  It’ll be like an additional group of ‘virtual besties’ who’ll be there anytime you need them.

In-person retreats

A location in Tulum, Mexico is the first place we might travel!  At these retreats, we’ll go deeper into your healing as we connect more powerfully among us in a smaller group.  These will be open to the public, but you’ll get the first chance to join!


This group is very special to me so I’ll be offering special perks such as discounts on Akashic Record readings, giveaways, and gifts from my friends.  I’m well connected with many amazing teachers and leaders who I like to support, so when I’m able to pass on something from their work – you’ll be able to enjoy it, too!

I'm Ready

What's the investment?

There are two ways you can become a member:

The Essential or The Private Coaching Membership

Essential Membership


(Paid in Full)

This membership is perfect for someone who knows they have pain from the past they want to heal.   It’s for anyone who’s ready to do what it takes to be free from that pain and create a happier future.  You will love The Healing Journey Essential Membership because it will heal your past, but also make your future so much better!

Receive all the aspects of the Essential Membership which includes:

  • Enjoy Lifetime membership
  • Learn from all the content in the Modules
  • Get an invitation to join our Facebook community
  • Participate in our three types of Community Calls: Q&A, Share, and Shift calls
  • Receive the perks of our future plans

Private Coaching Membership


(When paid in full)

For these private coaching sessions – added to the Essential Membership – you’ll meet with Shannon over the phone or Skype.  This coaching is ideal for someone who wants that personal attention and coaching from someone who’s truly ‘walked her coals.’

Shannon not only has 25+ years of helping others through teaching, energy work, intuitive coaching, and counseling with a Masters degree in psychology and counseling, she also has diverse experience healing pain from her own life. She’s healed from grief, addiction, rape, divorce, loneliness, financial constraints, and a lifelong struggle with the belief she was unworthy.

This additional coaching is ideal for anyone who’s experienced very deep wounding and now has complex emotional scars, or for anyone who prefers that personal connection with someone like Shannon… someone who’s very invested in your healing and happiness.

Receive all the aspects of the Essential Membership, plus four private coaching sessions with Shannon:

  • Session one – for additional guidance on the first and second modules: Exploring and Loving
  • Session two – for additional guidance on the third and fourth modules: Feeling and Shifting
  • Session three – for additional guidance on the fourth and fifth modules: Releasing and Forgiving
  • Session four – for additional guidance on the last two modules and a review of the entire program so you have a solid plan for moving forward

Prep-VIP Day with Shannon


(in addition to either of the above memberships)

This VIP Day can be added to either of the Memberships.  It’s not uncommon that someone joins The Healing Journey and then feels unsure about which life experience to focus on healing first.  The Pre-VIP Day is the perfect start for you if you’re someone who wants a very thorough exploration of your life which will result in a clear action plan for how to use the program again and again to heal ALL your pain. You’ll receive an exceptionally personalized plan that will walk you through The Healing Journey program in a way that best suits your path to healing. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  After you join The Healing Journey – either the Essential Membership or Private Coaching Membership – information will be emailed to you regarding the option of adding a VIP Day.

Receive all the perks of either the Essential or Private Coaching Membership – whichever you choose to join, plus you get a full, virtual [and FUN] day with Shannon which includes:

  • An hour of pre-work for both you and Shannon – this is to prepare you for the most valuable experience!  It helps Shannon know where you are and where you want to go!
  • Here’s the agenda for our day together:
  • Two hours of deep work with Shannon where you’ll go through her Lift Your Limits program to help you find the deep, life-limiting beliefs you carry from your upbringing.  Some very common beliefs are:  I’m not good enough.  I’m not worthy.  And I can’t make it on my own.  No matter what your limiting beliefs relate to – career, sex, money, relationship, health, self-concept – you can heal them and be free from their effect on your life.
  • A purposeful break – Shannon gives you time to grab a snack and a drink of water, but she also has you doing a little deep breathing or body movement
  • An hour and a half of more deep work where you’ll work together to eliminate the defeating patterns in your life that come from these childhood experiences and the deep, life-limiting beliefs you carry.
  • Lunch – together, then a purposeful break
  • The teaching then moves into working to heal your Inner Child which is where the deepest pain exists.  You’ll learn how to engage with this vital part of yourself in a safe, gentle, and meaningful way.
  • A purposeful break – another snack and meaningful break from Shannon
  • We then create a very specific plan for how you will move through The Healing Journey program to heal all the pain in your past.  This is customized but also aligned with The Healing Journey’s content.
  • Summary of the day – ending with a virtual hug and much gratitude for the hope and inner peace you’ll already be feeling!

A SPECIAL NOTE:  After you join The Healing Journey – either the Essential Membership or Private Coaching Membership – information will be emailed to you regarding the option of adding a VIP Day.

I decided to join The Healing Journey because of a painful experience from my young adulthood that was still affecting my daily life.  I wanted to live my life without the pain from this and the anxiety it caused me. Since doing TJH I feel more enlightened – like it’s possible to get past this painful experience and not let it run my life even after all these years!  The Healing Journey brought new awareness to my life, and I will carry the lessons I learned from it.  I’d definitely recommend this program – Shannon is amazing.  I loved working with her because she is relatable, knowledgeable, and caring!  She has the tools and experience to help heal the pain in others’ lives, and you can tell she’s passionate about helping people heal.



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