Green Heart offers two free webinars each month – on forgiveness and on reducing stress.

In each, you’ll learn real life strategies to move forward with either forgiveness or reducing your stress level.  By the end of our time together you’ll have clear steps you can take that will bring you closer to healing and/or a calmer lifestyle.

Plus, Shannon usually has a fun giveaway or surprise to offer you – so it’s a win-win :)

Use the links below to get invited to the upcoming webinars – we’d love to have you join us from your comfy couch!

Webinar One

9 life changing facts about forgiveness that will make the rest of your life easier

Forgiveness is an inevitable part of life, so why aren’t there lessons in school about it?  Not about why we should, but about HOW we do it!

In this webinar you’ll understand how and even get started with your own forgiveness process whether you’re forgiving yourself or someone else.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

What is forgiveness really?

Forgiveness is actually a very natural and easy part of being human – it’s the world that’s gotten things so messed up.  When I share my definition of forgiveness, your shoulders will soften immediately because you’ll know you can do it!

7 Misconceptions and blocks toward forgiving

They way people think about forgiveness is what stops them from forgiving.  Most of those thoughts are misconceptions which lead to people avoiding the forgiveness process all together.  I guarantee that at least a few of these seven facts will create a big ‘ah-ha’ moment for you.

Starting your forgiveness journey with The Healing Canvas

I created The Healing Canvas™ to help people get started with their forgiveness process.  It’s a remarkable tool that will help you see more than what or who you need to forgive, it’ll show you exactly what from your past is a block to your happiness today.

Webinar Two

Understanding Stress:
How stress enters your life & how you can reduce its affects on your success and happiness

You are much more powerful than you realize when it comes to stress in your life.  No matter what is happening in your professional or personal lives, you’re able to bring more calm into your every day.  I promise.

If you want less stress and more calm, the first thing you must do is better understand it.

Once you understand how stress comes into your life and how you’re allowing it to stay, you’ll be better able to reduce its effects on your success and happiness.

In this webinar you’ll learn more than how stress affects your life, you’ll learn four real life strategies that you can use immediately to greatly reduce stress into your life.  The strategies taught will help you feel more calm in both your professional and personal lives.

I’d love to teach you the strategies for managing stress that I use on a daily basis and the ones I implement when life gets really challenging.  Trust me – I’ve had practice. If you want to learn how… scroll down a bit to read about My Healing Journey.

My Healing Journey involved
both forgiveness of self and others,
and, believe me… it also included stress.
I believe in vulnerable honesty,
so I welcome you to read about it.

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